Why Ordinary Glass Bottles Always Bring Green?

Why ordinary glass bottles always bring green?

Ordinary window glass, oil bottles, wine bottles, etc. with a touch of green, which is the raw material for the production of glass contains green iron caused by impurities. Some medicine bottles, beer bottles, and soy sauce bottles are brown in color, which is still caused by iron impurities, but it is not bivalent iron ions but trivalent iron ions.

To make glass without color, the raw materials used must not contain iron. However, sand, limestone, and soda ash in nature have more or less iron compounds. How to eliminate the green in the glass? The chemical approach is to add a certain proportion of manganese dioxide to the glass melt. Manganese dioxide is an oxidizing agent, which oxidizes green divalent iron ions to yellow trivalent iron ions and manganese to purple trivalent manganese. Yellow and purple synthetic white, the glass becomes colorless and transparent.

Glass contains different metal compounds that are "stained" in various colors. Add cuprous oxide, you can get red

Glass; Oxidation Drilling—Blue Glass; Chrome Oxide—Green Glass; Beer Bottles are usually brown or green in color, and the main purpose of using brown or green beer bottles is to make people feel relaxed. The harmonious atmosphere, on the other hand, can also shade the light and lighten the photosynthesis so that the quality of the beer can be maintained. After testing, comparing the exposure of a bottle of beer to sunlight for several hours in comparison with a sample of beer that has not been exposed to sunlight, it will soon be known that the beer exposed to sunlight produces an odor called daylight (burnt smell, animal). Odor) This odor is called solar odor. The formation of sun odor is caused by the decomposition of bitter components in beer. In another example, exposure of beer in transparent glass bottles to fluorescent lamps for about 30 minutes results in sun odor, so beer is particularly sensitive to daylight.