What Are The Main Aluminum Production Process

What are the main aluminum production process

Aluminum production process is as follows:

1, punching process

         The extrusion process is the process of extruding aluminum billets into billets. It is the key to the quality of the final product, and most of the quality indicators are related to it.

        (1) The sealing film of aluminum tube is formed by the recoil force in the process of extrusion molding, and the sealing film cannot be damaged. Otherwise, the purpose of sealing is not achieved, and the thickness of the sealing film must be strictly controlled, too thin and easy to damage, too thick It may cause inconvenience to consumers due to the difficulty of piercing, so the recoil is strictly controlled.

        (2) The dimensions of the aluminum billet parts, the shoulder thickness, wall thickness, and diameter of the billets are all related to the quality, installation and wear of the moulds. They should be closely watched in the production process.

        2, modification process

        The modification process is to modify the billet as required, including the flatness of the aluminum tube, the length of the extruded thread, and the length of the aluminum tube.

        (1) The length trimming and the flat head are used to cut the head and the tail respectively with a turning tool. The quality of the cutting depends on the adjustment of the cutting edge of the turning tool and the workpiece, and sufficient attention must be paid.

        (2) There are two ways to form the thread of the soft aluminum pipe. The domestic use of cutting methods is relatively simple, easy to produce aluminum or aluminum wire, short thread length and poor cleanliness; imported equipment and foreign production adopt extrusion method. The technical requirements are high, but the thread length is long, and the finish is good, no debris is generated, and it meets the hygienic and safety requirements.