The New Plastic Mist Sprayer Bottle

The new plastic mist sprayer bottle

  • Fine mist spray bottle, designed specially for you. Any questions, please contact us freely.

  • High Quality: Made of transparent PETG material, durable and reusable. Design of the spiral cover make the spray bottle leak-proof. You don’t need to worry that the liquid will leak in your bag or pocket.

  • Large Capacity: 3.4oz(100ml) fine mist spray pump bottles; dimension: 1.73 x 5.27inch(13.4 x 4.4cm) or custom, the size is ideal for you to put into pockets, bags, and purses when you travel.

  • Multi-uses: can be used for moisturizing water, hair spray, eyeglass cleaner, perfume, insect repellent, air fresheners, perfect for any business or vacation travel, kids camping, outdoor activities, etc.

  • Unique Design: Adopt nanoscale spray pump core, the atomizing area is wide, the spray is fine; spiral bottle mouth design, sealed well, rotate upside down without leakage.


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Any problems, we will do our best to meet your satisfaction. :)

Fine Mist Spray Bottle Empty Clear Refillable Sprayer for Travel/Daily Use

Specifications: Capacity: 3.4oz(100ml) Dimension: 1.73 x 5.27inch(13.4 x 4.4cm) Color: pink+ green+ transparent Material: PETG

Features: Special Spray Bottle: Fine mist sprayer, no leaking, no clogging and no odor. Travel Size: The cute small 3.4 oz size perfect for travel or daily use, you can put it into pockets, makeup bag, luggage, and purses easily. Muti-functional: This fine mist spray bottle is suitable for essences, moisturizing water, hair spray, eyeglass cleaner, perfume, insect repellent, air fresheners, etc.

Notes *-*Please do not fill any food, drinks, petroleum liquid, or liquids with high alcohol concentration into the bottle. *-*Had better finish the skincare products or other liquids as soon as possible as the liquid is left on for a long time may cause material deterioration or staining on the bottle. *-*The suitable temperature for this spray bottle ranges from -4℉ to 140℉(-20℃ to 60℃) Please do not wash with hot water or high temperature disinfection in case of deformation.