The Development History Of Glass

More than 3,000 years ago, a European a Phoenician merchant ship laden with mineral crystals "natural soda", sailing on the Eastern Mediterranean coast on the river beilusi. Due to low tide, merchant ship ran aground. Crew lines up on the beach. Some crew members also carried large pot, moving firewood, and a few "natural soda" as a cauldron of support on the beach doing rice. Crew meal, the tide began to rise. They are going to clean up the ship continued to sail, when someone shouted: "come and see, following some crystal clear bright, shiny things in the sand! "The crew of these shining things, carefully up into the boat. They found that these shiny things stuck on some natural soda and melting of quartz sand. It turns out that the Flash stuff, is what they used to do when I'm cooking pot supports natural soda, in the presence of flames, react with quartz sand on the beach and Crystal, this is the first glass.

Later the Phoenicians and natural quartz sand with soda and, then a special furnace melting, glass balls, the Phoenicians made a fortune. Around the 4th century, the Romans began to apply the glass on the doors and Windows. By 1291, Italy glass manufacturing technology is very advanced. "The technology of glass manufacture in China must not leak out, manufacturing all together glass artisans are concentrated in the production of glass! "In this way, Italy glass artisans was sent to an isolated island in the production of glass, their lives to leave this island.