Olive Oil Bottle Glass Bottle The Reason Why There Are Ridges Quest

In sales a few years roads, often encounter this kind of problem, how are sales in your company fringes are the glass bottle why?

Striped glass bottle is a common water, prone to one of the three major defects. Since there are more sources, fringe analysis much harder to identify, and thus solve more difficult. In the process of production of glass products, because trace streaks on the glass, resulting in wasted a lot of manpower and material resources, seriously restricting the production and quality of products, we combine the experience at home and abroad, and our more than 30 years experience working in glass factories, stripes on the glass causes, solutions and discussion on preventive measures as follows:

Through hands-on found in glass industry at home and abroad for many years, in order to get large-area glass without defects, the odds are relatively small, as long as the glass melt can satisfy when the demand made of single piece products, is in this condition, said glass had "sufficiently uniform." Glass stripes may be understood as the glass melts, by chemical, physical and structural aspects of penetration to reach full even before the transition, if conditions permit, they will be melting temperature with the surrounding material is completely mixed together and frozen.