New Cosmetic Glass Packaging

A simple colorless cubes provide a convincing effect of this material, you do not need any decorating show their own characteristics. Cher Michel Klein introduced the women's perfume, packaged in a pure, clear, thick-walled glass vial, with a strict geometrical proportions and deliberately avoided any: This angular, pure smooth and with internal color glass perfume embodies the ideal effect.

Christian Lacroix Tumulte and completely different way to acquire could not resist the temptation. His gorgeous bottles designed to display a full range of beauty. This France designers for nostalgic appearance of small bottles covered with elegant decorations, loose hanging in the neck and bottle shoulder and leave no trace around on---the whole vial on the pour femme is red touched with gold, and pour Homme is a dark grey blue and decorated with silver. This is full of works of art is the latest sublimation technology (sublimation) as an example, it makes overall coverage and do not break glass on glass surface features.

Apart from perfume packaging, design and application of the glass also expanded into the field of personal care products, luxurious, shapes and bold colors. Most attractive examples include Symbioc from Daniel Jouvance é a cream can: a painted bright turquoise round containers, surrounded by a ring of orange text above.