Ministry Of Commerce: Estimating The Impact Of The US On The Tariff Of 200 Billion US Dollars On Chinese Exports To The US

The unilateral trade protectionist initiative of the United States harms not only the interests of enterprises and consumers in China and the United States, but also the safety of the global industrial chain and supply chain.

At first glance, it involves six major categories of commodities such as electromechanical, light industry, textile and garment, resource and chemical industry, agricultural products and pharmaceuticals. Among the affected enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises may account for nearly 50%.

In response to the question that “some exporters shift their focus to the domestic market”, Gao said that China has a huge domestic market and its consumption potential is constantly being released. Some foreign trade enterprises, including foreign-funded enterprises, are already exploring China’s domestic market. The independent choice of the enterprise is also the role of the market.