Important Locations In The High White Glass Bottles In The Beverage Industry

Good barrier properties, gas-tight, rich in raw materials in General, low prices, and can be used multiple times. And has the advantage of heat, pressure and resistance to cleaning, either high temperature sterilization can also be stored at low temperature. Precisely because of its many advantages, making beer, tea, jujube juice and other beverages packaging material of choice.

Global 71% of beer filling in glass beer bottle in the, and China is world Shang glass beer bottle using proportion highest of national, accounted for global glass beer bottle of 55%, annual has over 50 billion a, glass beer bottle as beer packaging of mainstream packaging, after has beer packaging of Centennial vicissitudes changes, still to it stable of material structure, no pollution, price low advantages by has beer industry of favored, "Dang enterprise wants to packaging has beautiful of appearance, while can to people cold of touch Shi, Glass is the preferred package. Generally speaking, glass is still used by the beer company packaging. "For beer packaging has made tremendous contributions, most of us love to use it.