How To Release Glass Bottles In The Mold?

How to release glass bottles in the mold?

The use of EDM for sintering, when the phenomenon of sintered parts and die or die punch welding together, in order to obtain a complete surface finish high quality without damaging the mold, in addition to improving the mold material and structure, Need to pay attention to demoulding technology. The following demoulding methods are now recommended.

1. Add additives:

Additives such as oil hydrocarbons or water are mixed into the sinter powder. The additive decomposes during sintering and then dissipates along the gap between the mold walls. This is beneficial for obtaining a complete sintered part and increasing the life of the mold.

2. Hot release:

When making an annular article, it is difficult to demold due to the shrinkage upon cooling. As shown in FIG. 39, when the sintering is completed, the forming rod 3 is removed while the sintered workpiece is not yet cooled, and the molding punch 2 is lifted up, and the sintered workpiece can be taken out. Since this process is carried out completely in the hot state, demoulding is more convenient, and it is also convenient for shaping the workpiece, and the press apparatus may also be miniaturized.