Glass Packaging Industry, Its Past And Present

Glass packaging industry after years of tough slow growth and competition with other materials, is now out of the bottom, back to its former glory. In recent years, the glass packaging industry in the makeup of grain market grew by only 2%, cause its slow-growing is, competition from other materials and slow global economic growth, but now there seems to be signs of recovery. From the positive side, glass manufacturer from the rapid growth of the high-end skin care products and benefit from the demand for glass products. In addition, the glass manufacturer from the emerging markets for opportunities as well as constantly updated products in the production process.

In fact, as a whole, is in the professional line and fragrance market with competing materials, but the glass manufacturer to the glass packaging industry's prospects remain extremely optimistic, and there was no lack of confidence. Many people think that these competing packaging materials to attract customers and brands, Crystal, can't compare with glass. Gerresheimer Group (glass manufacturer) head of marketing and external liaison BuShed Lingenberg said: "national preference for glass products are not the same, but leading cosmetics industry in France is not so eager to accept plastic. "However, the chemical material has no place in professional and cosmetics on the market is not. In the United States, DuPont and Eastman Chemical Crystal manufactured products and glass products share the same feeling like the glass, some of these products have been involved in the perfume market. But Italy duct PatrickEtahaubkrd plastic products company North America can compete with glass doubts, she thought: "our real competition is the product packaging can be seen, plastic manufacturers that customers will love their packaging style. ”