Glass Packaging Industry Develop New Markets

Opening up new markets will no doubt allow businesses to develop in the glass packaging industry, for example, Sain Gobain Desjongueres (SGD) is ÷ sought international development company, which established a number of businesses in Europe and the Americas, the company holds a large market share in the world.

However, two years ago the company also met with considerable difficulties, causing leadership decided to close a number of glass furnaces. SGD is now preparing for emerging markets and develop their own. These markets include not only it has moved into the market, such as Brazil, and avoided exposure to the market, such as Eastern Europe and Asia. SGD Marketing Director TherryLeGoff said: "as the major brands are expanding new customers in the region, these brands also need glass supplier. ”

Simply put, whether suppliers or manufacturers, they open up new markets, seeking new customers, so glass manufacturers are no exception. Many people still think that in the West, the glass manufacturer in the glass has the upper hand. But they insist that, glass products sold in the Chinese market than in Europe, quality on the market. However, this advantage does not always keep the bottom up, so Western analysis of glass manufacturers are now facing competitive pressures in the Chinese market.

Gerresheimer is not involved in markets in Asia, but Germany companies never remove attention from Asia. Lin-genberg insisted that: "today, to be successful, you have to walk the path of truly global. ”