Glass Makers, Innovation Stimulating Demand

In the glass packaging industry, innovation is the key to generate new business. BormioliLuigi (BL), the recent success is due to continue to concentrate resources on product research and development. In order to produce perfume bottle with a glass stopper, the company improved the production machinery and equipment, and also reduces production costs. In previous years, the company has for United States Bond NO. 9 and law, Cartier perfume company created a new style of perfume bottles is another development project will complete decoration around the glass, this new technology allows manufacturers to produce multiple shape bottles, not as before only etched one at a time. In fact, Etchaubard pointed out that this production is very novel, can't find similar products in the market. He also commented: "the new technology is always a very important thing, we always find a way to display our products. In each of our 10 ideas, usually with 1 ideas can be put into practice. "BL has also witnessed strong growth momentum in recent years, estimates its business volume grew by 15%, the company now is Italy a new glass furnace.

Meanwhile, another report said Spain there is A1-glass, a small glass manufacturers, glass containers with annual sales of $6 million, of which $2 million is made up of 8-hour production of 1500 glass semi-automated equipment created by $4 million is made up of every day can produce 200,000 units of automated equipment to create '. The company's Marketing Manager, Albert commented: "two years ago, with sales down, but greatly improved the overall situation a few months ago, every new order. Often is the case, business is good and bad, is never static. "

Under the influence of the Rosier times, a, Alelas. Lens for an automatic blow-new machines, companies using this new technology to France makeup design flower perfume bottles crystal company. In this way, Albert is expected, as customers know about this new technology, they will love this style of perfume bottles.

Along with the deep into the technological innovation, innovation to promote the city, development factor, cosmetics and professional product, its development vision is optimistic, as the glass packaging industry, is also great. There is hope.