Glass Bottle Packaging Four Development Trends In China

Use of advanced energy-saving technologies

Save energy, improve melting quality, extend the kiln to another way of saving energy is to increase the amount of broken glass, broken glass abroad to join is 60%-70%. Ideally used 100% of the broken glass and "ecological" glass production goals.

Bottle lightweighting

In Europe, Japan and other developed countries, Container is glass bottle manufacturer's products. Germany Obedand company produces glass bottles, 80% is a lightweight disposable bottles. Ingredients of precise control, melting the precise control of the whole process, small mouth blown technique (NNPB), bottles of hot and cold-end coating, online testing and other advanced technologies, is the fundamental guarantee for realizing lightweight bottle. Jiangsu glass surface-enhanced technology manufacturers are developing new kinds of bottles and cans, trying to further reduce weight bottle, with the fastest speeds with the world.

Increase labor productivity

Improved glass bottle manufacturing productivity is the key to how improve glass forming speed. Approach taken by the developed countries at present is used multiple, multiple drops of material molding machines. With high-speed injection molding machines match the large kilns, there must be a large number of stable supply of high quality glass, temperature and viscosity drops to meet the requirements of optimum forming conditions. To this end, the ingredients had to be very stable, glass bottle production enterprises in developed countries the standardization of refined raw materials used are made of a special material production enterprises. Guaranteed melting quality furnaces for thermal parameters of digital control systems to be used to achieve optimal control of the entire process.

Increase the degree of concentration of production

In order to meet the glass packaging industry faces other challenges caused by severe competition for new packaging products, a large number of glass packaging production companies for mergers and restructuring, increase the degree of concentration of the glass container industry, in order to optimize the allocation of resources, improved economies of scale, reduce disorder competition, enhance development capability, which has become the current trend of the glass packaging industry in the world. Domestic glass industry now faces a variety of tests, hoping domestic large enterprises will learn from foreign management methods and techniques, Chinese glass bottles in a foreign country always Evergreen, always full of energy.