Essentials Of Cosmetic Glass Bottle Purchase

1, glass bottles for cosmetics is divided into: skincare (cream, lotion), perfumes, essential oil, nails and a few smaller, greater than 200ml is rarely used for cosmetics.

2, and glass and is divided into wide mouth bottle, and narrow mouth bottle, solid-like cream body General with wide mouth bottle, should be distribution of aluminum cover or plastic cover, caps can for color spray oil, effect; emulsion liquid or agent class cream body General with narrow mouth bottle, should be distribution with pump head, to note prevent spring and ball rust, now most pump head distribution of is glass beads, usually to ingredients body test applies test, as distribution cover needed distribution within plug, agent distribution small hole with Nase, more heavy emulsion is distribution big hole within plug.

3, bottle selection is more consistent, more styling, technology-rich, paired with Cap diversified common bottle-shaped cylinder-shaped, oval-shaped, flat, Prism, pyramid, manufacturers often develops a line of bottle-shaped. Spray bottle the craft, transparent, frosted, translucent color, screen printing, hot stamping, foil stamping and silver.

4, screen printing: glass screen printing, there are two kinds, one is hot ink silk screen printing, which is less susceptible to bleaching, more sedate color matte, purple color is difficult to effect, the other is the low-temperature ink silk screen, color is bright, high requirement for inks, or easily fall off and disinfect the bottle note.