Empty Cosmetic Bottle Recycling Heat Wave

In the "low carbon economy" and "low carbon life" big heat today, more and more people and organizations involved in the cause of environmental protection, to create green homes contribute strength. As creating beautiful cosmetics, is the first, through a variety of unique ways to express support for environmental protection and recycling empty bottles for cosmetics is one of the most direct and most commonly used method.

Yesterday, the Chinese famous PBA natural cosmetic brand launched the "your empty bottles for cosmetics, we recycle; you do environmental protection, pay us" environmental protection activities, not only recycle this empty cosmetic brand and other brands of cosmetic bottles are recyclable, thus issue of circle of cosmetic concern.

Environmental protection is of great significance

Event organisers, PBA cosmetics company director Ms Wang Kezhen said, not just in the cosmetics industry, currently in a variety of other industries, using soft or hard plastic packaging products of plastics is very large, if effectively recycling, the environmental meaning self-evident.

However, there is only a very small part of this cosmetic brand cosmetics bottle recycling activities were carried out, mostly confined to recycle their empty cosmetic bottle brand. "I believe there will be more and more cosmetics brands added in, work together to create a low carbon eco-friendly green living," says Ms Wang Kezhen.