Development Trend Of Glass Bottles At Home

Glass is a long history of packaging, but with the birth of plastic bottles, plastic bottles to seize market share gradually. As plastic bottle packaging are continually being questioned, glass bottles and returning to people's attention.

It is understood that glass bottles are the most popular packaging, of which 94% consumers bottles of wine, and 23% consumer is preferred to drink bottles of non-alcoholic beverages.

At present, most of the beverage packaging material is made of transparent PE packaging, many consumers also expressed frustration for this phenomenon, after all, not their production.

But in imported food counters, drink bottles and domestic contrary, imported drinks in glass bottles, followed by aluminium cans and, finally, plastic bottles. Visible for packing safe drinking attention abroad is much higher than at home.

Domestic beverage packaging businesses for this phenomenon should follow the example of foreign countries, glass bottles and beverage more grades, and can generate profits.