China Resolutely Abolished 58 Joint Ventures In Australia, Making Hundreds Of Billions Of Losses

Recently, China has resolutely cancelled 58 joint ventures with Australia, including aluminum minerals. The lack of resources has turned to Congo and other African countries to import wine from Britain.

China has been Australia's largest importer of commodities in the past decades. There are countless cargo ships sailing from Australia to China every year. Coal and red wine are among them. Therefore, as a developed country, Australia's economic development can hardly be separated from China.

However, Australia has to increase the price of coal and aluminium minerals and reduce the quality of the resources. Australia and the United States and Japan have a foolish desire for oil and gas resources in China's maritime areas. In this case, China's cancellation of 58 joint ventures is indeed justifiable. After no result in seeking help from Korea, Japan and the United States, Australia eventually came to China for help, saying that their enterprises are fast going, asking China to import their products again, and our country did not immediately respond, saying that we have to consider a period of time.