Bottle Immediately Accounts For The Packaging Industry

Today's packaging industry more and more. From the previous paper and plastic packaging and packaging to make glass bottles, so to speak: glass bottle glass bottle factory Pack has dominated the entire packaging industry leader! especially in wine packaging, glass is exclusive the first, occupies the entire wine packaging market!

Wine packaging bottles can be divided into several classes:

First: white packaging bottle

White low prices, quality in General. Smooth surface of the bottle is not very good, so white material glass has basically been eliminated!

Second: the normal white packaging bottle

Normal white wine packaging bottles suitable for low-end industries, generally at 10 Yuan to 50 Yuan in price!

Third: high white material packaging

High white packaging to highlight high end product quality, giving a pleasant feeling!

Part IV: white packaging

White belongs to the highest-end products packaging material packaging bottles, not only good quality special is the ability to create product brand, can enhance the high-end products!