Apple Will Pay For Landing In China This June. It Has Registered In The Shanghai Free Trade Zone

It is widely believed that Apple's settlement in the Shanghai FTA is a key signal for Apple to formally expand its payment market in China.

The entity of Apple Payment registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone is Apple Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which mainly carries out Apple Payment business. Industrial and commercial data show that the registered address of Apple Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is on Century Avenue, with a registered capital of $13.4 million. It is a wholly foreign-owned corporation. Business scope includes: technical services, technical advice, system integration in the payment field; software (except educational software, publications) design, production, sales of self-made products, transfer of self-owned technological achievements and so on.

Jian Danian said that in the next step of the expansion and opening up, one is to be more close to the needs of enterprises, the other is to pay more attention to the actual operation of enterprises, and will actively strive for the support of state ministries and municipal authorities to solve the problem of industry licensing in the open field, so that the service industry projects can start operation as soon as possible after obtaining the business license. Battalion. Thirdly, we should pay more attention to the transparency of policies, systematically sort out the implementation rules, trade licenses and supporting policies involved in the opening up of service industries, and establish fair, normative, open and transparent market access standards with reference to international practices and rules, so that enterprises can see clearly at a glance. Fourthly, to strengthen the synergy of the reform, the supervisory departments and the competent departments of the industry will strengthen the synergistic reform in promoting the opening of the service industry, and avoid the problems of honeycomb coal and fragmentation.