Aluminium Hoses Are Processed In This Way And The Appearance Is Doubled

Aluminium hoses are processed in this way and the appearance is doubled

As a common packaging material, aluminum hose is widely used in the packaging of glue, toothpaste, cosmetics and other products. However, the processing technology adopted for the properties of the filled contents and the different uses of the aluminum hoses will also differ. Today, share three major processing techniques that allow aluminum hoses to be aesthetically pleasing!

First, labeling

Labeling, that is, the original design of the pattern, text, etc., first printed on paper, and then manually paste the sticker on the aluminum hose. In the absence of new processing technology, labeling is the most widely used, because it is more flexible and can be applied to all sizes of aluminum hoses, with diameters as small as 8mm and as large as 50mm. However, due to artificial production and processing, it is not convenient for mass production, and has certain limitations;

Second, offset printing

Offset printing is a kind of lithography, which uses the rubber (blanket) to transfer the graphics on the printing plate to the printing on the printing material. Offset can produce sharp and sharp images in a large number of speeds, and it can make full use of dots and print rich multi-layered color effects, but offset printing requires aluminum tubes with a diameter of 11.5mm or more to be able to produce;

Third, hot stamping

Hot stamping, the use of the principle of heat transfer, the metal plate heating, foil, printed on the aluminum hose imprinted with gold text or patterns. After the product is gilded, the pattern is clear, beautiful, colorful and eye-catching, and it is wear-resistant and weather-resistant. However, the bronzing process is generally widely seen in the production of cosmetic aluminum hoses to highlight the aesthetic sense; or to highlight trademarks and brands, the bronzing process will be selected.

Each kind of processing process has a different effect on product packaging. Which kind of processing technology is adopted mainly depends on many factors such as the size of the aluminum hose, the use of the product, the contents of the filling material, and the effect the merchant wants to achieve. But no matter which kind of processing technology is applied to the production of aluminum hose, it is to add color and beauty to the product.