All Kinds Of Plastic Bottles Have Their Irreplaceability

All kinds of plastic bottles have their irreplaceability

Now, PET plastic bottles account for the absolute share of the plastic bottle packaging market. PET plastic bottles have many advantages that we have analyzed several times. However, today we want to talk about other material packaging than PET plastic bottle packaging, which are being ignored by the market. However, through analysis, we will find that these plastic bottles are irreplaceable.

Among them, PE plastic bottles have always had a good market application, from milk bottles to shampoo, shower gel plastic bottles. Compared to PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles are cheaper and more suitable for many needs for low packaging costs.

At the same time, PE plastic bottles do not transmit light, which is very important for some products, and light will affect these products. Then naturally is a pvc plastic bottle, although PVC plastic bottle can not be used for food and other product packaging, but in the field of chemical packaging, it is very popular.

Let's say PS acrylic plastic bottle, which is used in a large number of cosmetics and other packaging, cosmetic packaging for the appearance of high requirements, the appearance of acrylic plastic bottle resembles a glass bottle, welcomed by the market.

While our market places emphasis on PET plastic bottles, we should also consider other types of plastic bottle packaging. Nowadays, recycling of other types of plastic bottles is a critical issue, which is very unsatisfactory. This needs to be improved from the raw material itself, so that the recovery rate of these plastic bottles can be improved.

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