Affordable Cosmetic Glass Polymer Packaging Bottle

Recently, Germany Rebhan company (Rebhan GmbH and Co. KG) by Eastman Chemical Company of glass polymers (Glass PolymerTM), made of a new cosmetics packaging containers, compared with glass containers, lower cost of this new type of vessel, lighter weight and more beautiful.

New bottle injection blow molding technology is used, although the new bottle wall is thick, unusually strong and the bottom of the bottle is also very thick, transparent bottom surface is very smooth, it feels as if glass containers. Rebhan company specializes in molding and processing technology of high quality make these bottles bottles a few millimeters thicker than normal, but there is little less than a bottle of welding wire.

Rebhan company Director Dr Matthias Rebhan said: "glass polymer resins Eastman gave us the opportunity, so that we can be blown into the thick wall bottle container. And without sacrificing the inherent mechanical properties of polymeric materials case, bottle has a shiny glossy glass and visual experience. Combination of new materials and new processing methods allow us to plastic natural advantages and glass aesthetic value together, thus creating this impressive new containers. ”