250ml Smell-Proof Ultraviolet Storage Glass Jar Container Refillable Tall Wide-Mouth

STASHSHIELD 250ML (HALF OUNCE) ULTRAVIOLET JAR - The StashShield distinguishes itself by its high quality and offers optimal protection against the harmful effects of light.

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Child Proof Jar For Marijuana

Our StashShield Jars are made from dark purple pigmented glass which filters all natural light and only lets through the light that protects and improves the quality of your herb.The UV-glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light and only lets through UV-A and infra red light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of your herb. Our jars are developed and laboratory tested in cooperation with European Scientific Institutions to provide the Optimal Preserve and Storage Solution.

  • ULTRAVIOLET GLASS PROTECTS CONTENTS AGAINST HARMFUL LIGHT - Premium European UltraViolet Glass (UV-A) from the Masterdam Rolling Supplies range of storage containers for herb, spices, teas, herbal & nutritional supplements, protein powders, dried goods, coffees and oils.

  • NO SMELL screw-top lid made of BPA-free heavy duty plastic seals in freshness and prevents odors from escaping.

  • PRESERVATION & STORAGE - StashShield UV Glass Containers store and preserve your herb, increasing the shelf life and prolonging the potency. Glass containers are also safer than plastic for food and edibles storage.

  • VOLUME CAPACITY 250ML (8.4 fluid oz) and will hold a half ounce (1/2 oz) or more of dried herbs | Height: 3.9" | 

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