Opaque Black 19 Dram Pop Top Containers

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Opaque Black 19 dram Pop Top bottles adhere to quality standards and state regulations.  Pop Top bottles are both certified child-resistant, as well as meet ASTM standards. Additionally, Pop Tops are odor resistant, airtight, 100% recyclable, and made from BPA-free medical grade polypropylene.  You hear the distinct “pop” sound the industry has come to know and trust. 19 dram pop top bottles are cost-efficient, convenient and compliant. As a result, the cannabis containers have become the preferred choice of industry professionals nationwide.

Material: Polypropylene   

Category: Flower, Concentrates, Edible

Child Resistant: Yes

Size: 19dram

Capacity:  3.5grams

Closure: Pop top

Dimensions: H70mm x D39mm

Certificates:Canada product patant,CFR1700,ASTM

child proof jars


clear glass jar

70ml glass jar

110ml glass jar

child proof jar clear流程

black child proof jar

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rounded base child proof jar


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