2oz 4oz Electroplated Blue Child Resistant Cap Weed Cbd Flower Container

Whether you are packaging a CBD lotion, a joint or the flower itself, we can provide you with everything you need. Opaque_Glass_Cannabis_Jars.Plastic and Glass Packaging For CBD Hemp Oil Products.

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Cannabis Packaging
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CBD Flower Glass Container:

Glass jars continue to be the most common request we receive when it comes to Cannabis packaging. Our Container can supply various sizes of clear glass jars and amber glass jars depending on your preference. Depending on your state, you may be required to have an opaque container, so be sure to know the rules and regulations before purchasing. If you want a glass jar that is more high-end looking, we can also supply these spray coated glass jars in White, Black or Silver. For all of our glass jars, we do offer child resistant caps and can supply a Celon shrink band, which acts as an additional tamper-evident seal for your container. 

Smell Proof Bottle:

  1. All packaging is air-tight,smell-proof, &water-resistant to maitain product freshness.

  2. The 2oz 4oz cbd flower container is made for the highest quality glass and fully recyclable polypropylene lids.

  3. These glass jars are the perfect storage container for product.

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2oz cbd flower container

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