Why to choose child proof bottle to store prescription

The new design of the child proof bottle is based on safety and prevents people other than the patient from eating, especially in children and mental patients.


At present, ordinary packaging bottles are generally sealed by aluminum foil gaskets to ensure the sealing property, but after the gasket is opened, the sealing effect is not guaranteed, and the tablets and capsules are frequently opened in the bottle cap, and the sealing is not good. Will cause the drug to absorb water or oxidize. Therefore, relying mainly on gasket sealing, there are great hidden dangers. Secondly, when the cap is frequently opened, moisture will invade the bottle and accelerate the deterioration of the drug. In particular, such as aspirin, sodium phenobarbital, effervescent tablets, test strips, etc., are prone to deformation or deterioration after moisture absorption, and must be packaged in a bottle with good sealing properties.


Therefore, the special point of the special screw cap safety bottle is combined with the dual function of preventing moisture and opening, ensuring that the medicine remaining in the bottle after opening is still in a relatively sealed state during the use of the medicine; The risk of children accidentally opening and eating drugs.