The Sleek and Elegant 120ml Child Resistant Black Glass Jar with Dome Cap

Always stand out from the crowd with the 120ml Child Resistant Black Glass Jar Dome Cap! In brief, it has curves in all the right places and smoothness all around. The glossy black of the jar and lid, moreover, form the perfect canvas to bring your branding to life. Want to be eye-catching? Colors will pop like never before! Or is subtlety the name of the game? The darkness of the glass will offer an extra layer of mystery and intrigue.

In addition – some may say, most importantly – these 120 ml / 4 oz glass jars come with a child-resistant closure. And not just any child-resistant closure, but one of the best looking ones out there on the market! The cap, it should be noted, sits flush with the jar (which not only looks good, but is great for labeling machines as well). These are the ideal product for absolutely tip top-shelf bud, whether or not in a regulated market.

Not to mention, the ultraviolet glass serves a functional purpose. On the one hand, harmful visible rays of light cannot pass through and accelerate the deterioration process. On the other hand, beneficial UVA and infrared lights are allowed to pass through and assist in curing and preserving the product.

This jar is also available in a smaller 60ml size.