Several factors affect the price of oil bottle

Essential oils need to be saved on the oil bottle, so as not to due to light or other external factors which had an impact on essential oils. Oil bottle prices vary largely because of several factors.

1, affect the price of oil bottles beyond the material, count the (glass) appearance and shape. Each bottle shape design will have an impact on their prices.

2, if the oil bottle corner edges and prominent, mold opening/closing and exhaust problems, low speed, bottle weight increases.

3, if the concave section of the oil bottle and more obvious exhaust due to internal and external pressure to adjust slow machine speed is low, the price will be high.

4, if the oil bottle body pattern, pattern, too much text, adhesion when Cheng Mo open makes is reduced, the price will be high.

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5, if the oil bottle design was too flat and wide, oil bottle in-mould cooling is slow, difficult stereotypes, in second annealing kilns are also easy to burst, can also affect the price.

6, if the volume is too low heat when the small oil bottle production, take measures difficult, real rate reduction, the price will be high.

7, if the designed oil bottle wall bottle too thick or thin, speed production time will be very low, prices increase.