Pre roll rube,hinged lids medical cannnabis containers

Pre-rolls offer an opportunity for strain variety, customer experience and margin like no other. They're convenient for the user and vital to any flower producer. The stringent compliance required for pre-rolls offers a unique challenge to new companies. Unfortunately the days of a simple box of smokes are over for cannabis brands. So, how do you meet new ASTM standards without losing that unique experience that your customers have grown to expect? We've got some pretty unique solutions.

Once we fully understand the essence of your brand, our team of product designers will craft a packaging strategy that ensures that your pre-roll product experience is true to the core of your brand's values and purpose. Our network of product manufacturers is vast and spans every material you can think of. This allows us to find the solution that meets your creative, tactile and budget requirements. We're ready to build a product platform that elevates your pre-roll line while staying within your state's compliance requirements.