Oil bottle packaging needs to be improved, and standards

Over the years, we began gradually more people around the use of essential oils. However, the domestic oil market still not standard, there have been great throughout the interval. Domestic oil Chief position at the high end, offer higher beyond many people's acceptance. Same as all over is not high, with shopping malls lack of standards, domestic oils packaging from identity to the body are not standard. In fact essential oil is different from the normal cosmetic use has many requirements, or be harmful to you health. Standard oil bottle logo, standard oil bottle packaging is very important and urgent.

Together, the current implementation is primarily for business one for beauty shop, followed back himself spends people of the essential oils, oil bottle packaging to learn more from their own consumer perspective to production planning. Follow National Mall hobby, domestic oil will gradually rise, oil bottles of homemade essential oil package should be more Chinese elements

At present, the domestic oil bottle packaging there are still many questions, expect to recruit foreign oil bottle oil bottle manufacturers planning experiences to advance packaging more standardized.