Oil bottle Necklace by manufacturing process

Essential oils on our mood and spirit has a certain effect, the emergence of oil bottle necklace, allows us to be always surrounded by aromatic essential oils, oil bottle necklace is made of?

After high-temperature melts of Crystal, glass craftsmen needed to carefully blow out through your mouth shape, Crystal cooling process, then gold or silver foil and other materials into, between various color you will need to use a special grease to the interval. Due to the random mouth blown glass products is, its shape and size depend on force to control the mouth of the glass technologist;

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Also, due to changes in temperature and amount, color, golden sand fused into a hopeful "variable" process. Therefore, the consequences are: never have exactly the same pattern of glass styles, composing of every color and pattern is formed by accident, can really be brightly coloured, there are lots of styles, each piece of jewelry is unique in all the world's treasures.