Oil bottle cleaning and disinfection method brief analysis

In many forums to see everybody cleaning used oil bottles or substrate jars are steamed with boiling water + alcohol method.

This method should be washed clean, but I feel the process is too complex and cumbersome. So get some acetone to clean bottles.

This things is with in wash methyl water in of main ingredients, in sold chemical supplies of place on can buy to, dissolved oil of capacity than alcohol strong many times, and boiling point is low only 30 several times, volatile speed very fast, cleaning of when by few times of method, basically 3 times around on can wash of is clean has, cleaning Hou exposure let acetone of smell bulk off on can.

Is in need of attention, this is not suitable for direct use to clean the rubber head and most of the plastic bottle, melted it. And preferably with a disposable gloves when cleaning, otherwise the oil easy to be taken in hand, hand dry.