Medicinal glass bottles

Medicinal glass bottles

The medicinal glass bottle has the characteristics of smooth and transparent, easy to sterilize, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and good sealing performance. It is still the preferred packaging for common infusion agents, antibiotics, general powder, freeze-dried, vaccines, blood, and biological agents. Most of them are used. Pharmaceutical glass packaging, mainly controlled white, brown oral liquid bottles and molded brown medical glass bottles.

A wide variety of medicinal glass bottles range from vials with capacities of 1 ml to large bottles with dozens of liters, from round, square, to shaped and stalked bottles, from colorless, transparent amber, green, blue, black shading Bottles and opaque opaque glass bottles.

Classification is as follows

1. For the manufacturing process, medicinal glass bottles are generally divided into two types: molded bottles and control bottles. Molded bottles are divided into large-mouth bottles (with a bottle diameter of 30mm or more) and small bottles. The former is used to contain powdered, lumpy, and creamy articles, and the latter is used to contain liquids.

2. According to the bottle mouth, it can be divided into cork bottle mouth, screw bottle mouth, crown cap mouth, roller bottle mouth frosted bottle mouth and so on. According to the use situation, it is divided into a "one-time bottle" that is used once and used, and a "return bottle" that is used for many turnovers.

3. According to the classification of the contents, can be divided into acid bottles, medicine bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, preparation bottles and so on.

4. Medicinal glass bottles can be roughly classified into the following categories depending on the use of the drug: infusion packaging, oral liquid packaging, tablets, and capsules.