How to use essential oil bottle

Essential oil aromatherapy beauty shop do need to spend a lot of money, although essential oil can soothe your mood and reduce fatigue. Essential oil aromatherapy as long as essential oils and essential oil, can also make your own at home.

1. open oil bottle method: using the safety switch, to prevent the children open their own risk. First under the pressure CAP, then open the lid; cover to swing directly on the cover can be locked, secure design of this essential oil.

2. place the small funnel in the bottle before use, add your favorite essential oil for about 6 minutes, or you can use 2 or 3 different essential oils mixed into the incense bottle, before and after its deployment, will have different moods.

3. place the burner and tape in the bottle, vaporization essential oil for 20 minutes after complete penetration Stamen and pistil head, but then the next step. Because of this protects the burner and light the burner.

4.20 minutes use lighters or matches, light the burner and remember to make vaporization essential oil incense bottles placed in a safe and stable place, and before the ignition before vaporizing oil bottles can be placed in the ignition so far after knocking danger.

5. when the flame ignites, flames from small to big, do not touch, so as not to burn. Fire burns 5 minutes later, aroma lamps vaporization essential oil completely vaporized, so that after the aroma diffuser.

6. requests in 5 minutes or so of incense on the cover, put out the flames. Take off the lid and immediately, will see the scent of smoke smoke, and smell.

7. to empty cover of incense, covered in incense bottle, the natural plant fragrance phytoncid scattered in the room, began to take a deep breath, will immerse you in a good mood and in the air to help mind adjusting, smooth breathing.