How to detect cosmetic packaging

How to detect cosmetic packaging

As a fashionable consumer product today, cosmetics not only need exquisite packaging, but also need to be optimally protected during transportation or shelf life. Combining the needs of cosmetics packaging inspection and application, this paper briefly summarizes the testing items and inspection methods, and helps cosmetics production companies and cosmetics packaging and supply companies in packaging inspection and quality control.

Cosmetics transport packaging testing

After cosmetics, such as transportation, shelf display, etc., must arrive at the hands of consumers, they must have good transport packaging. At present, the shipping and packaging of cosmetics are mainly based on corrugated boxes. The main detection index is the compressive strength and stacking test of the carton.

1.The carton compressive strength test:

This paper introduces the ZB-KY carton compressive tester. During the test, the corrugated box was placed between the two pressure plates of the ZB-KY carton compression tester. The compression speed was set. The pressure at the start of the test pressurization until the carton was crushed was the carton compressive strength, which was expressed by KN. Carton compressive strength testing must pay attention to set the pre-pressure value (generally 220N) in accordance with the provisions of the testing standard before testing.

2.Carton stacking test:

The cartons need to be stacked during storage and transportation. The cartons at the lowest level must bear the pressure of the above multiple cartons. In order not to collapse, they must have suitable compressive strength after stacking, so stacking and maximizing pressure are required. Double force detection is very important. ZB-KY built-in stacking test function can directly give stacking test results.