Hose related concepts

Hose related concepts

1. Hose is divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer hoses, which are different in terms of anti-pressure, anti-permeation and feel. For example, the five-layer tube consists of outer layer, inner layer and two adhesive layers. Barrier layer. Features: It has excellent gas barrier properties, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odor gas, and at the same time prevent the aroma of the contents and the exudation of the active ingredients.

2, double tube is more commonly used, is a middle and low can also be a single layer, hose diameter is 13 # -60 # variety of caliber, when a certain diameter of the hose is selected, with different lengths indicate different capacity characteristics , Capacity 3ml-360ml can be adjusted, for the sake of aesthetic coordination, the following commonly used 35 # below 60ml caliber, 100ml, 150ml usually use 35 # -45 # caliber, more than 150ml capacity need to use more than 45 # caliber.

3, process is divided into round tube, oval tube, flat tube, super flat tube. Flat tubes and super flat tubes are more complicated than other tubes, and they are also new tubes that have been produced in recent years. Therefore, the prices are relatively expensive.

4, the shape of the hose cover is varied, generally divided into flat head cover, round head cover, high cover, flip cover, super flat cover, double cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover, plastic cover can also be a variety of processing, hot stamping Edge, silver edge, colored cover, transparent, fuel injection, electroplating, etc. The tip cover and lipstick cover are usually equipped with a plug. The hose cover is an injection molded product, and the hose is a pull tube. Most hose manufacturers do not produce hose covers themselves.

5, Some products need to be sealed before filling, sealing is divided into: straight seal, twill seal, umbrella seal, star seal, special seal, seal can be requested in the closure Print the desired date code at the end.

6. Hose can be made of colored pipe, transparent pipe, colored or transparent frosted, pearlescent pipe, and there is a distinction between matt and light. Matte looks elegant but easy to dirty. The difference between large-area printing of colored pipe and pipe body can be Judging from the cut-out at the tail, the white-colored incision is a large-area printing tube, and the ink used is required to be high, otherwise it is easily peeled off and cracked and exposed to white marks after being folded.

7, hose production cycle is generally 15 days - 20 days of the cycle (from the confirmation of the beginning of the sample tube) order quantity of single product for 5,000 - 10,000, large-scale manufacturers usually 10,000 for the minimum quantity, very small If there are many types of manufacturers, single items can be counted for 3,000 orders. Few customers open their own molds. Most of them are male models (a few special features are private models). There is a deviation of ±10% in this industry.