Glass Packaging: The Choice of Premium Cosmetics

Glass Packaging: The Choice of Premium Cosmetics

Thoroughly pure, noble and elegant, it is the charm of the glass bottle, which makes the glass bottle become the first choice of high-end cosmetics packaging.

Although the proportion of glass bottles in cosmetic packaging containers is small, it still has an irreplaceable advantage in the packaging field, and it is still the preferred material for high-end cosmetics in the short term. Thoroughly pure, noble and elegant, is the charm of the glass bottle. Compared with plastic bottles, its heavy weight can effectively enhance the brand's quality and enthrall consumers' trust. The unique visual effects of frosted glass bottles are far from comparable to plastic bottles.

In the production of plastic bottles, matte surface and matte surface effects cannot be achieved through the surface treatment of the mold. Only post-processing fuel injection processing can be performed, the effect is much less, and the cost is quite high. Compared with flat glass bottles, the frosted glass bottles are elegant and gorgeous, have a good fog, and have a good shading effect and are more decorative.

Cosmetics, especially whitening and nourishing cosmetics, contain a lot of nutrients like foods, but they are extremely vulnerable to oxidation. This puts high demands on the tightness of the packaging and the barrier of the glass bottle is undoubtedly superior to the plastic bottle in protecting the content. In addition, high barrier properties to gases also make glass bottles the preferred packaging material for perfumes and other volatile and easily dissipating aroma products.

 釆 Computer CAD glass bottle mold design, glass furnace automation, reinforcement and light weight technology are used for production. The quality of the glass bottle is improved, the weight is reduced, and the transparency and surface finish are also further enhanced. In terms of post-processing, the glass surface can be subjected to frosted processing, color painting, color printing (up to 7-8 colors), engraving, etc., which greatly increases the added value of glass bottles.

In view of the unique advantages of glass products, many cosmetic glass packaging manufacturers have expressed their optimism for the vision of glass packaging, and they have continuously developed new products and improved quality to meet the higher requirements of different cosmetic manufacturers for glass packaging.