Glass bottle packaging has a long history of safe oil bottle glass bottle packaging, such as how to light?

From the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics to pesticides, almost every field involved glass bottles. Glass bottle packaging has a long history, compared to other packaging, more safe, convenient, and rest assured, however, oil bottles, olive oil bottles, glass bottle packaging also has some drawbacks.

Glass is transparent, which is a big advantage of it as a package, compared to metal materials packaging, packaging products at a glance can be displayed, motivate us to buy. However, because glass packaging for the food, pharmaceutical products, packaging is light demand for some products, such as fruit juices, such as drugs, these products the requirements of light will affect the product's shelf-life cycle, this is the bottle away from light performance needs to be improved.

At present, there are two main approaches.

A is the use of colored oil bottles, olive oil bottles, glass bottles, such as essential oil bottle dark glass bottle is used for packaging, to meet the requirements of light.

Alternatively in transparent oil bottles, olive oil bottles, glass material itself is improved absorption of light through the glass layer media to reduce the light on the hazards of the product.