Glass bottle manufacturing trends

Glass bottle manufacturing trends

Glass bottles are in full swing under the promotion of plasticizers. Times are advancing, and glass bottles are gradually improving some of their own characteristics, especially in manufacturing. In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, the glass bottle production industry is gradually The perfection.

The production of the first glass bottle gradually adopts advanced energy-saving technologies. Save energy, improve melting quality, and extend the life of the furnace. One of the more important aspects is to increase the use of broken glass. The most ideal is the amount of broken glass added is 100%.


The second glass bottle is lightweight. In some developed countries, lightweight glass bottles have become the dominant product. Lightweight glass bottles use less raw material components, use less glass materials for the same capacity, and greatly reduce machine wear during production. Therefore, the lightweighting of glass bottles has become a development trend in the world.


Third, increase labor productivity. The key to improving the productivity of glass manufacturing is how to increase the molding speed of glass bottles. At present, the commonly adopted method in developed countries is the use of multi-group and multi-drop molding machines. The entire production process is controlled by a computer, which can guarantee the best molding conditions, ensure high quality products, and run more stable and reliable.


Fourth, increase production concentration. In order to adapt to the severe challenges faced by the glass packaging industry for other new types of packaging products, a large number of glass packaging manufacturers have begun to conduct mergers and improve the concentration of the glass container industry in order to optimize resource allocation, increase economies of scale, and reduce some unnecessary competition.