Cosmetic glass bottle procurement essentials

Cosmetic glass bottle procurement essentials

1. The glass bottles are mainly divided into cosmetics: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, and nail polishes. The capacity of several categories is small, and the capacity of more than 200 ml is rarely used in cosmetics.

2. The glass bottle is divided into wide mouth bottle and narrow mouth bottle. The solid paste is generally used as a wide mouth bottle, and the distribution aluminum cover or plastic cover is suitable. The bottle cover can be used for color injection and other effects; emulsion or liquid agent Type of paste is generally used narrow mouth bottle, should be equipped with a pump head, should pay attention to prevent the spring and the ball rust, most of the pump head is equipped with glass beads, usually for the material test for the test, such as with a cover to be equipped with a plug, Aqueous solution with a small hole with the plug, thicker emulsion is equipped with a large hole plug.

3, glass bottles are more consistent material selection, shape, processing technology, and the bottle cap with a variety of common bottle-shaped cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, tapered, etc., manufacturers often develop series of bottle shape. There are spray, transparent, frosted, translucent color, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver and so on.

4, silk screen: There are usually two kinds of glass screen printing, one is the high temperature ink screen printing, its characteristics are not easy to decolorize, the color is darker and dumb, the purple color is more difficult to produce the effect, the other is the low temperature ink screen printing, bright color, The demand for ink is high, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to the disinfection of the bottle.

5. If glass bottles are manufactured by hand, there will be a slight deviation in capacity. When selecting them, they should be tested and marked with the correct capacity. For example, if the automatic production line is relatively uniform, the production volume is relatively large and the cycle is relatively long. The capacity is relatively stable.

6. The uneven thickness of glass bottles can easily lead to damage, or can be easily broken by the contents under severe cold conditions. A reasonable capacity should be tested at the time of filling. The paper should be held and individually separated on the transport. With a color box, the inner tray and the middle box are more resistant to vibrations.

7. Bottles commonly used in glass bottles are usually stocked, such as essential oil bottles, plain transparent or frosted bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is longer. It takes 20 days to complete, some delivery periods are 45 days, and the general order quantity is 5,000 to 10,000. The smaller the bottle type, the larger the amount to be made, the cycle and the order quantity. Affected by the peak season and off-season.

8, cap technology can be anodized aluminum lettering, hot stamping edge, etched lines, there are matte color light color distinction, to be equipped with gaskets and inner cover, it is best with the use of pressure-sensitive sheets to enhance the sealing effect.

9, oil bottles are usually used is brown or colored and colored matte, can be protected from light, the lid with a safety ring, can be equipped with a plug or dropper, perfume bottle with a fine spray pump head or plastic cover.