Chinese Embassy in Egypt Releases Ramadan Travel Alert

Chinese Embassy in Egypt Releases Ramadan Travel Alert

Xinhua News Agency, Cairo, May 12th With the advent of Ramadan, the Chinese Embassy in Egypt has issued tourist reminders and hopes that Chinese tourists who come to Egypt during the month of Ramadan to improve their safety awareness and strengthen their risk prevention capabilities.

During the month of Ramadan, Egypt will enter the high temperature season, especially in southern tourist destinations such as Aswan and Luxor. The temperature will generally reach 40 degrees Celsius, prone to heat stroke, dehydration and other heat stroke conditions. The Embassy reminded Chinese tourists planning to travel to Egypt during this period to carefully select tourism items according to their own physical conditions and to take them with them. During the tour, try not to expose it to the sun and add moisture in time.

During the month of Ramadan, local Egyptian drivers are fasted during the day and are prone to fatigue. The embassy reminded that long-distance travel should be avoided as far as possible to avoid traffic accidents. If you really need to travel long distances, you should ask the driver not to drive too fast and increase the number of breaks.

The embassy emphasized that attention should be paid to respecting local customs and religious etiquette. Women should be properly dressed and should not be over exposed. Adhere to two or more peers and avoid acting alone. Don’t have intimate words and deeds with local men to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Middle-aged and old people who travel to Egypt in order to fully understand and grasp their own physical conditions, physical examination and other necessary preparatory work in advance, standing ready for emergency drugs. It is best to have family members to travel with.

Many sea areas in Egypt are more complex. Some beach safety measures are incomplete and there are a limited number of life-saving personnel. The embassy reminds you to pay special attention to safety when swimming or diving in the sea. Try not to swim alone in the sea. Diving should be accompanied by professionals. Observe the warning signs. Do not go to the sea when the weather is bad or the waves are heavy.