0.5 Oz Glass Boston Round Bottles With Child-Resistant Dropper

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Product Details

Child Proof Jar For Marijuana

  • Glass Boston Round bottle paired with a child-resistant dropper cap

  • Includes child-resistant certification

  • Dropper and bottle must be used together to certify child resistance

This product combination has been manufactured to be child-resistant and has been tested using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s protocols for evaluating compliance with the Poison Prevention Act.*  Letter of certification available upon request. Child-Resistant Black PP Dropper has a 2.6" glass pipette. Perfect for aromatherapy, personal care products, liquid medicine, vaping and cannabis products. Dropper and bottle must be used together to certify child resistance. FDA compliant and BPA Free.

*While this product or product combination has the ability to comply with the Poison Prevention Act when used properly, responsibility for determining compliance of any household substances subject to the Poison Prevention Act is with the seller of such household substances.

child proof jars



clear glass jar

70ml glass jar

110ml glass jar


black child proof jar


rounded base child proof jar


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